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Baseball Season

Both of my readers of this blog who were here before last year know this already, but if you’re new around these parts, you may not be aware of how involved I am with youth baseball. For the next four months I will be eating at ball parks, coaching and watching nothing but baseball. I will spend a bit over three hours a night on baseball, Monday through Saturday, every week. I will miss writer meetings, home cooked meals and of course anything appearing in Prime Time on TV. I will gain priceless time with my sons and with their friends, making them all better people through learning how to be on a sports team.

Sometimes all that baseball spills out of my head and flows into my fingers and winds up being posted to this blog. So if you are one of those boring people who can’t abide the National Pastime, or what used to be our pastime, before the Internet, then I apologize. But I will be posting about baseball from time to time. Not just my son’s team, but quite often the two teams that I follow in the Majors – the Cubs and Mariners. While I’ve followed the Cubs since High School, it’s only been in the last decade that I’ve become a Mariner fan.  Primarily due to Ichiro and the fact that Cableone denies me access to WGN and instead forces me to watch Mariners games.