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Writing Update on Starveyors

I lost a scene again due to using multiple computers on Dropbox. I’m not sure how to prevent this or how its happening, but it sure as heck ticks me off. So today I get to rewrite a scene from Chapter 6. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but mostly it just makes me mad. Not how you want to start your week.

Once I finish up Chapter 6 I can get into Chapter 7. I think I’ll need to adjust my outline again as it looks like the events in Chapter 7 on the outline are not meshing with my current draft. That happens when you write first drafts. Sometimes they are all over the place as you write scenes as they occur to you. Even outlines don’t prevent you from going astray, but without them, I’d get really lost.

My primary writing laptop is now back up and operating, so that should clear up the Dropbox issue. I probably won’t meet this week’s writing goal until late in the week. But time spent updating the outline always helps me out in the end.

I will be posting about my Kindle Select sales this week to. But I have to crunch the numbers first. Look for that post on Wednesday.