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2011 Ebook Sales

Time once again to look over the past year and report my sales numbers for my books. This is not meant to dissuade anyone from self-publishing, it’s just one man’s numbers in a sea of books out there. Sometimes it helps to see how the little guys are doing in a genre such as Sci-Fi.

These numbers only reflect book sales. My short story sales are not included, which may explain why the sales column is slightly off. You can assume that short story sales are bumping numbers higher in some cases.

What these numbers do include, is all of my novel sales. At last count that would be five, with the fifth book being my single Mystery novel under the pen name of Johnny Batch.

Month Sold Sales
Jan 23 $43.70
Feb 29 $32.94
Mar 46 $46.84
Apr 26 $46.49
May 11 $15.91
Jun 15 $29.64
Jul 19 $31.08
Aug 18 $29.00
Sep 16 $26.51
Oct 18 $28.56
Nov 13 $42.08
Dec 8 $24.00
242 $396.75

You can compare these numbers with last year’s numbers here. Last year my first book, Starstrikers got a huge boost from out of nowhere and that led to some explosive sales numbers if not actual sales numbers. It was selling for a buck at the time. This year is much more average in terms of sales. The average this year is about 20 books a month.

To put these numbers in some context, it costs me about $400.00 dollars to publish a single new ebook. So last year, including short story sales, barely allowed me to publish again this year. My production costs will go up this year as I’m trying to get to two ebooks a year, so sales better start climbing or I’ll have to go out of business. LOL