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Writing Update on Starveyors

This week I wrapped up chapter five of the novel. I need to go into my outline and work up chapter seven, as chapter six is already detailed. There has been a stretch of non-action now for at least a couple of chapters. Plenty of tension and some exposition, but not much action. So for chapter 6 I will be going back to my subplot for a few scenes that have some action.

I’ve been reading Donald Maass’s book about Writing the Breakout Novel and he mentions not to get into a set routine when cutting between your main plot and your subplots. You don’t want your reader expecting that every other chapter will be your subplot. I may have busted that law with my former novels and so it’s foremost in my mind in writing this one.

As I write this first draft of Starveyors it’s hard to not go back after completing a chapter and try to polish it. My first drafts tend to be sparse on details and character nuances. I’m focusing instead on plotting and pacing. Adding scenes on the fly and not paying attention to things like ending a scene or a chapter with a cliff hanger.

I’m slowly becoming familiar with the players as I build their stage. One thing I have already realized is that my main character is probably not who I thought it was going to be. I had thought that Cryse would be my heroin but she’s turning out to be more of a secondary character, at least for now. She will in the end play a significant part in the outcome of the story, but her character is just not as interesting as Rachael Kelley.

Kelley has a definite arc and the audience will be more inclined to identify with her. She’s not a military hero who is trained to ignore fear and fight to the death. She’s a shy, reclusive historian who would rather write about the heroic deeds of others than actually play the roll of a hero. Many scenes are from her Point of View and this lets the reader identify with her a bit more than all the other cast members.

I think we’ll get in the head of Cryse more and more as the story goes on and perhaps she will take over at some point, I just don’t know for sure yet. But right now, I believe Kelley is more interesting.