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Tyrmia and Starforgers now FREE

I’m testing out the effectiveness of the Kindle Select program this week by offering two of my books for free; Starforgers and Tyrmia. So far the results have been promising. Each book has over 400 downloads.

My hope is that after a few dozen of those readers actually read the books and they come back for more and actually buy the other books I have for sale. That’s the plan anyway. Perhaps some smaller percentage will tell their friends about it and they will come back next week and buy the books that were free.

If none of that happens, it might not be worth doing again. If some of it happens in the next  90 days, I’ll have to think about whether I want to keep them exclusively on Amazon. I think it might be wise to keep at least one book in the program to generate word of mouth. At this point, that would likely be Tyrmia, as it’s a stand alone novel.

So if you’re curious about my novels and are too cheap to buy one, now’s your chance to snag two of my best works for free. Click on the links below to download your copies from Amazon.



UPDATE: Screenshot from Val Roberts showing the success of Tyrmia today.