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The Art That Inspires Me

I’ve decided to start a new feature here on the site. If you only come to my blog via an RSS feed or from links I put out on Twitter and Google+, than you might not know that this site has a home page. Up until now, I’ve just stuck pictures of my books and short stories there with links. Boring.

Today I’ve launched “Featured Sci-Fi Art” wherein I put up an example of some art that is inspiring me with my current WIP, be it a short story or a novel. The first art to be featured is Cyborg Portrait by DarkGeometryArt from Deviant Art.  This Cyborg image reminds me of my Silicant character – Saibot, from Starforgers and now, Starveyors novels.

Sometimes I might display art from my own personal collection that either I drew or someone I know personally. But usually it will be someone whom I find on the internets during one of my many art searches. I hope you’ll stop by every week or so and take a gander at the entry page on the root of my site’s URL.

UPDATE: This feature is now post in the blog and the home page has been taken down.