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Draft One Complete – Starforgers

Yesterday I finished the first draft of my third SF novel and fourth novel overall – Starforgers. It’s about 370 pages in standard manuscript format. Word count 86,000 some odd words. Subject to change of course, from now until the final draft.

I have never had this much fun writing a novel before. I’m terribly sad that it has come to an end. Luckily, I will be starting the third Star Series book this summer – Starveyers. The challenge will be to make that book just as fun to write and read as Starforgers was. I do know this much; all three books in this series are completely different in feel and tone. Which is really kind of interesting, considering the cast of characters and the time in which they are set are completely different in each book.

I celebrated the completion of the draft with a bowl of ice cream. It’s a bit hard to celebrate this early in the book’s process. I still have several more drafts, edits and copy proofs to struggle through before I get too excited. Still, it’s always a relief to get past the first draft hurtle.


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