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Tyrmia Amazon Rush Results

The goal yesterday was to sell enough copies of my new SF novel to get Tyrmia up on a best seller list. That did not happen. But what did happen was pretty sweet. I sold roughly 11 copies of the book, which is nine copies more than I did last time I tried a rush like this. I’d like to thank all my friends and co-workers who bought or gifted the book yesterday! It seemed like I was selling a bunch more than that, just due to the multiple sales from certain individuals. But near as I can tell, that may have been counter productive.

I’m not sure Amazon counts gifting an ebook as an actual sale. So until I can get more people willing to just buy one copy, I won’t be encouraging gifting ever again. But is was an interesting day to launch a book rush. Sales jumped into the low 10,000’s late in the morning and as of this morning have only fallen to 12,000’s. So that’s pretty respectable for an Indie Sci-Fi book from a nobody like me.

The total one day surge sales were 11, bringing the monthly total to 21. This is a new monthly high for Tyrmia, so I’m pleased with that. Once again, thanks for helping me yesterday and keep on talking about this book to your friends who love Space Opera.

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