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Week In Review

I didn’t get as much writing in on my lunch hour last week, due to running around trying to get a new clutch for my car. But that seems to be fixed now, so next week I should be able to get back to my 800 words a day average. This weekend has also been a wash, as Baseball Spring training is in full swing and the weather is great right not.

Hopefully, I will be able to crank out a thousand words some time today. Last night I did spend some time on the Sokol model adding more plastic details. I would like to get into scoring some panel lines and adding more external armor to the model.

I’m about 180 pages into Starforgers the current WIP. Getting ready to start a huge planetary battle scene, so I anticipate making quick progress due to plenty of action and dialog.

Outside, I can see buds appearing on our big front yard oak tree. The skies are clear and blue this morning, temperature is 44 at 10:00 AM. Need to walk the dog today, help oldest with book report, conduct a bonus baseball practice and getting a haircut. All that and cleaning up the house. Oh, and helping the kids get some paint on their pine wood derby cars.

All that and write 1000 words on the WIP? What am I thinking?

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