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Writing and Modeling Update

This week I’ve been writing on the WIP during my lunch hour at work. I get away from my cube and hang out in the common areas with my HP Mini. It’s worked out great, averaging 700 words a day for three days. Today I’m having lunch with a coworker, so a break from the writing.

The chapter I’m about to finish up was expected to be one of the most boring in the outline, but it has since turned into something very interesting and fun to write. Sometimes the unexpected happens when you write and the results can surprise even the writer.

Last night we didn’t even turn on the TV. The kids read with us for an hour and I worked on the SS Sokol model. I love nights like that when the youngest is so happy that he’s reading and enjoying it. Anyway, I made good progress on the detailing of the model, which is my favorite part. The engine pod, main body and head are all constructed and now I’m focusing on the details. I scavenged my house for interesting plastic parts and then arranged them inside the grid work areas of the model in such a way that they look like real plumbing and machinery.

All in all, a very good day for this writer/modeler.

1 thought on “Writing and Modeling Update”

  1. Nights like that are treasures. Definitely something I’m missing from time to time now that my kids are moved out and have their own families.

    I’ve been patiently waiting, but I think two days past such a tempting post is long enough to wait. Any new pix of SS Sokol? Especially one against the drawing again.

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