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Starstrikers Universe Wiki

I’ve decided to start building a wiki for the Starstrikers Universe. When you build a SF universe to set your stories in and then write more than one book or short story in that universe, it gets real hard to keep track of everything. You also wind up with all kinds of notes, maps and pictures of the places you write about.

The best way to organize all of that and at the same time let your readers have a peek, is to set up a public wiki. A wiki is a web site that has all it’s pages linked together. The pages are easy to format and build and can be edited by people with that permission. The most famous SF wiki is the one created by fans for the Star Wars Universe called, Wookiepedia. The most famous wiki of all, is of course Wikipedia.

My wiki will not be that elaborate at first. It will just be me putting up things that I am working on, and over time it will become a valuable resource for me and for my readers.If you go there now, you will not find much at all. But come back in a few months and it could be kinda interesting.

Starstrikers Universe Wiki

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