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Crash and Burn

All the high flying success Starstrikers enjoyed on the Kindle for the past few months has come crashing to the ground almost as fast as it took off. Went from averaging 10 sales a day to just five sales per day for two days and then just one sale today. I’m clinging to just one list but way back in the 70’s.

Just like I had no idea why it took off, I have no idea why it landed hard today. But, it was a wild ride and I hope some folks got to read my fiction who might never have had the opportunity.  I don’t have any hard numbers as the month is only half over, but it’s looking like March 2010 will be my best month of sales as a fiction writer.  So, that’s pretty cool.  A special thank you to all those Kindle users who spent a buck on my book in the past several month!

Meanwhile, I’m back to writing.  I have to rewrite the opening scene of “Silicant Remorse” and then I’d like to tackle another short story.  If I can get these two stories whipped into shape, I’ll include them in the Ocherva anthology. Otherwise, they could be available for sending out and possibly make their way into the next Ocherva volume.

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