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More Site Updates and Additions

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This is turning out to be the week of website updates.  Last night I installed the MediaWiki software and did tons of content updates to the main site.  You should be able to navigate around and find some of my work, from novels to short stories, all broken into three major categories – Fiction, Joshua Jones Mysteries and Galaxy Collision Series.

Things left to do yet, before I can stop messing and get back to writing:  Import the GC Series Wiki, devise way to offer novels in various formats without making the page busy, and integrating the forums better.  I can’t say I will accomplish any of these tasks before next year, but that is the goal.

The rest of this holiday week is being dedicated to writing several new opening chapters for the Tyrmia Second Draft.  With luck, I should have that done by early December and get it out to my Beta Readers.

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