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Monday Miscellany

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Spent all my computer time this weekend getting moved into the new domain.  I have the forums set up and the main WordPress site configured.  Now it’s down to tweaking things to my own needs and desires.  This week I will be rewriting the first couple of chapters of Tyrmia.  New scenes will be added old scenes will be cut.  I hope to have the Second Draft to my Beta Readers by the first week of December.

Baker’s Dozen was another huge hit again this year.   Tons of people turned out and I sold a few copies of Null_Pointer.  I got to meet some writers I had not known before and made some new friends.  Kudos to Laura and Bruce and their fantastic staff at Rediscovered Bookshop for hosting the event.  At the restaurant after the event, the participating writers got to eat their piece of the cake that was auctioned at the signing.  It was decorated as a book from each of the thirteen authors attending.  So I got to eat my own book, definitely a first for me.

We had our second or third snow yesterday.  It didn’t amount to much, but was fun to watch falling on a Sunday morning with a cup of hot coffee.

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