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Meet Dancia Rivers from Null_Pointer

Meet Dancia Rivers from Null_Pointer

In the ongoing promotion for my new novel, Null_Pointer, I will be interviewing some characters from the story.  Up first is arguably the most popular character in the novel, Dancia Rivers.

My View: Welcome to My View, and thanks for coming on the blog today.

Dancia Rivers: No problem, happy to be here.

MV: Is Null_Pointer your first appearance in one of my stories, or have you been in one before?

Rivers: This is my first time in any story, period.  Although I have been told that I will be appearing in a short story sometime next year, if all goes well.

MV: I think I had better ask this right up front, or risk losing some readers, but are you in fact going to be in the next Joshua Jones novel?

Rivers: Yes I am!  I’m not at liberty to discuss the plot or anything.

MV: I understand.  Can I ask if you and Joshua will still be an item?

Rivers: You can ask.

MV: Heh.   Are you?

Rivers: (Rolls eyes) Yes!   What do you think, I’m some kind of floozy?

MV: No, not at all.  I just have a readership that happens to like your character and they want to know these things.

Rivers: Let’s leave my private life out of this, okay?

MV: Understood.  Many of our male readers are computer geeks themselves.  They have been wondering why you use a Mac at home instead of Linux?

Rivers: Oh, you mean the Mac in my bedroom?  That was a hand me down from an old room mate.  She was an art student and had to get a more beefier machine to do Photoshop on.  She gave it to me and I just have not seen a reason to mess with it.  I practically live in the Bash shell at work, so it’s nice to come home and not think about work, if you know what I mean.  But my lappy runs Gentoo.

MV: Vi or Emacs?

Rivers: Please!  Vi.

MV: Not many women your age are war veterans.  What made you decide to pick the Marines instead of the Army or whatever?

Rivers: Because they are the best at what they do.  Semper Fi!

MV: What made you get out after only one enlistment?

Rivers: I didn’t want to die young.

MV: From reading the novel, we know you are a mechanic and drive a modified Karman Ghia.  Do you have any other vehicles?

Rivers: That’s a weird question.  Yes, I own a Vespa that I ride in the summer.  You will get to see it in the next novel.

MV: Did you modify that?

Rivers: Nope.

MV: How’s the recovery been from the gunshot wound?

Rivers: Ah, are you sure you want to reveal that?

MV: Sometimes I just assume everyone has read the book.  Well, we won’t say anything about when or where it happened.

Rivers: I’m fine.  It was not that bad, actually.  But I’m a little worried about what you might do to me in the next novel.

MV: As you should be.

Rivers: Now what’s that supposed to mean?

MV: Never mind.  So when do you finish school?

Rivers: Next year.

MV: Are you a big Bronco Football fan?

Rivers: Not so much.  Sometimes we get student tickets and go to the games.

MV: They are sitting at number five in the national rankings as we conduct this interview.  Must be pretty cool for the students of BSU?

Rivers: I guess.  You’ll have to talk to my brother and my dad about sports.  I’m really not into it.  Geek girl, remember?

MV: Well, for the record, I’m stoked by the Bronco’s success this year.  Did you go to the Fiesta Bowl?

Rivers: No.  Joshua and I had it on when we were coding at his house.  It was cool they won and all.  But like I said, not my thing.

MV: Thanks for coming on the blog and talking to us about the new book and a bit about your life.

Rivers: No prob.  Thanks for having me.

As was mentioned in the interview, you can see Dancia Rivers in the next Joshua Jones book due in bookstores the fall of 2011.  Until then buy the paperback book from GB Press and keep coming back here, for more character interviews from Null_Pointer.

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