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I switched to CentOS at work to match my co-worker. CentOS uses the Enterprise Red Hat distro for its base. I have been using Ubuntu for about a year now and I have to say, going back to a rpm based distro is hard. I have forgotten what a nightmare dependency hell is, compared to using apt-get on a Debian based distrobution.

I was using Ubuntu “Breezy Badger” and loving it at work, but I could never get Evolution Exchange to work. So I had to keep looking back to my Windows box for email. So in order to get email and to match Kevin’s box, I went with CentOS. I also took the nVidia Quadro 4 card out of the powerful Windows box and stuck it in my Vectra so I can use duel monitors in Linux. There is a bit of adjusting to the xorg.conf file to get this to work, but the results are nice.

So now I do all work related tasks on CentOS Linux and only go to the Windows boxen when we need to use .Net. We maintain a web application on .Net so it pays to have XP and a power house workstation to run it. Most of the time I use VNC to get into the Windows box for maintenance. We also maintain a big CGI-Perl web application and that is why I’m on Linux most of the time. We are going to be moving it to mod-cgi next year and that will be a large task.

It’s fun using Linux in a Windows dominated work environment. Lots of opportunity to brag on the penguin. (^_^)

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