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Weekly Summary

Still plugging away on the Corvette 2 novella. I’ve picked up a book about destroyers from WWII to read for research. Tin Can Titans by John Wukovits. Can’t wait to get into it. I’m always reading non-fiction books about the military for inspiration.

I picked up this sleeve for the new System76 laptop I use to write with. For under ten bucks, it’s a pretty nice little case. I like the handle on the end so you can pull it out of your backpack.

Here’s a picture of my home writing nook. The other night I managed to sneak in some writing time at home, which is pretty rare. As you can see, the new laptop handles the monitor just fine.

I wanted to show you all the work my youngest son is doing in Blender. It’s a Votainion warship that he’s building in pieces for reasons… Anyway, he’s going to be using his 3D versions of my ships for some short story ebook covers coming later this year. He’s excited to help because I told him he could have any profits I made from selling them.

I have some more things I’d like to show you, but I’m saving them for a future post. One of them is the cover for my next novella, K’nat Trap. It’s being done by my brother and he’s got a pretty sharp one this time.

But here’s something I can share with you now. The upcoming cover art for a Gem State anthology of SFF writers from Idaho. This is the latest version but it’s not quite finished yet. The anthology will be a free download and is a sampler of all the insane talent we have here in Idaho.

That’s all for this week. Summer has started and the kids are out of school as of this afternoon.


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