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Nexus 7 Thoughts

Last week my HP Slate 7 died. The USB plug pushed inside the device rendering it unable to charge. It just so happened that my kids had also bricked my Galaxy Nexus phone. So I was without an Android device.

I took the opportunity to purchase a 2013 version of the Nexus 7. Man, what a difference. The Nexus 7 is far and away a better tablet  experience. Better hardware, better fit and finish and of course the latest version of the OS. To be fair, the HP device is cheaper and older, but for a modest price increase you get a much better product.

The biggest problem I had with the Slate was its lower resolution screen. As I suspected a tighter screen is all the difference in the world. I now use the Nexus tablet for just about everything. I read books and magazines on it, read the news, keep up with social media, watch TV programs, edit my novel and even peck out this blog post.

Some of that I could do fine on the Slate, but I can do it so much better on a screen with more resolution. Having seen and used the Apple tablets, I can say that this Nexus 7 is in the same class for fit, finish and ease of use.

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