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Novel Connections

“My God, it’s full of stars!” – Dave Bowman, 2001 A Space Odyssey

Imagine Dave Bowman saying something more along the lines of, “My God, they’re all related!” in regards to my novels and short stories. Because at some point, when you read more than one of anything I have published in SF, you start to make that connection. Eventually, I will have some ten different books set in the same Starstrikers Universe. Who knows how many short stories? At least enough for two anthologies.

It’s hard to make that connection at this point, but when Starforgers ships later this year, it will be obvious. What I recommend is that you read the short stories in the order they appear on the main page of this site. This will run you about five bucks on Amazon Kindle. By the time you finish those stories, you will start to see a connection between them and you will be familiar with several characters who appear in Starforgers.

So when that novel ships in the fall, you will be reunited with old friends and follow them all through one hell of an awesome adventure. Because Starforgers is one of those novels that you just won’t be able to put down. There is so much action and drama per chapter, two covers barely hold it all together. It’s that fun and that freaking awesome. Then, next year you can come back and read how the whole things ends. Because that’s when the final chapter of the Star Series is due out – Starveyers.

After that trilogy of books is out, you can look forward to several Planetary Series books, like Tyrmia. In fact, if you come back every    year until 2016, you will find a new book set in the Starstrikers Universe. Pretty awesome huh? That’s my plan to conquer the Sci-Fi genre, one book at a time.

I can’t promise that I won’t veer away from the Starstrikers Universe for a one-off book set in a different universe, but that’s not very likely, at this point.

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