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Tyrmia, Starstrikers and Baseball

The third draft of my next novel, Tyrmia, is out to fellow writers for crits.  So I’m refusing to even look at it for the next month or so.  In the meantime, I am going over Starstrikers with a fine toothed comb, once again.  If anyone has particularly good proofing skills and wants to give me a hand at that little task, email me.  All I can offer you in return is my thanks, a mention in the acknowledgments and a signed, free paperback of the finished novel.

Baseball season is just getting under way here in Treasure Valley, Idaho.  Snow is confined to the foothills and warmer weather is still another month or so away, but soon the kids will be going to practice wearing coats.  I’m Spencer’s assistant coach this year and I will be helping out with Jack’s team when I can.  Both of the kids are on the Oregon State team this year – Go Beavers!  Jack, my oldest was moved up again and is now playing in AAA Cal Ripken.  He’s a pretty good little athlete.  Spencer has a great feel for the game and I think he will blossom this year in Rookie league.

All these baseball teams are going to put a serious dent in my free writing time.  As is the case every Spring around our house, I won’t be generating much new content.  Aside from putting out Starstrikers and an e-book anthology.

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