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More Tyrmia Cover Sketches

Here are a few more sketches from last week’s meeting with my graphic designer brother on the cover for Tyrmia.  These were sketched by me with more regard to concept than looks.  I was attempting to show what the cover would look like with more of a focus on the jungle and less on Szeredy and her ship.  The intent was to place emphasis on her isolation in the wild.  We still have not finalized the cover art yet.

Wide shot of alt cover idea

It’s not very dramatic, but it shows the clearing in the canopy that the plane made while crashing.  Imagine this drenched in sun rays and greens.

CU of Starveyers Coin

This is the unit patch or coin design for the Starveyers.  It had to be realized in case we decide to put in on a patch on Szeredy’s arm for the cover of Tyrmia.  You will see it again on the cover of the Starveyers novel in a few years time.  It has an “A” for the Grand Alliance and a “V” representing the former Votainion Empire.

Darker with text locations

Playing with the cover text placement. Nothing too different there.

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