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Make Your Own Novel in 30 Easy Steps!

Develop the idea for the novel
1.  Get a viable idea.
2.  Ensure there is a market for it.
3.  Map out the plot and main characters.
4.  Brainstorm cover ideas.

Write the novel
5.  Butt in chair. (Avoid a loop in this step!)
6.  Complete first draft.
7.  Draft a cover version and interior layout.
8.  Circulate to Beta Readers and solicit feedback.
9.  Use feedback to guide Draft Two.
10.  Repeat step 8. (Possible loop area!)
11.  Revise Cover art and interior layout. (This could be a loop too!)
12.  Revise until editor ready.
13.  Editor review.
14. Fix editor’s findings.
15. Proof.
16. Finalize Cover and hand off text to layout artist.
17. Order ISBN package and bar code.
18. Order first Proof copy.
19. Let someone else proof it. Then you revise it.
20. Order Proof Copy #2.
21. Proof it. Revise and finalize. (Beware of looping here!)
22. Order Final Proof.
23. Approve and wait for available date.
24. Arrange a launch date with bookstore.

After print version is published
25.  Podcast the book. (Beware of demons here!)
26.  Write and publish the Writer’s Edition e book.
27.  Convert book to various free formats.
28.  Book Launch.
29.  Readings and signings. (Enjoy these moments!)
30.  Tweet and blog about the book.

With Null_Pointer, I’m at Step # 23.  With Tyrmia, I’m at Step #5.  With Kill -9, I’m at Step # 3.

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