Miscellaneous Saturday

My brother sent me some cool things for my birthday this week. An F-16 model featuring the Kunsan AB Wolfpack jet. My final assignment in the AF was at Kunsan AB, Korea. He also managed to pick up a first edition Asimov paperback of David Star, Space Ranger. I love these Asimov juveniles and they are really hard to find. So this one is a prized possession.

Of course BSU’s Heisman candidate QB, Kellen Moore is on the cover of SI this week. I had to pick up one for the Bronco’s collection. That makes three covers in two years.

My son’s football team – the O2 Titans, beat the Kuna Crushers this afternoon in Kuna, 22-8. Defense dominated once again and the offense had some issues with point after attempts, but otherwise ran pretty good. A fun game to watch.

The last football note for the day was my alma mater – University of Central Florida beating Boston College in Orlando tonight. I watched them on CBS Sports for the entire second half and loved it. Like watching my Broncos play football. The Knights dominated on defense. Almost makes up for all those times I watched our football team get creamed back in the eighties. GO KNIGHTS!

BSU Balloon A Good Omen

An “Old School” Boise State University balloon, complete with blue field and Bronco. Taken this morning from my Droid phone out the sunroof of my Honda. The zoom camera on the original Droid, pretty much sucks. Best viewed no larger than it is in this blog post. I did manage to catch the morning Magic Hour light on the balloon – witch is always Bronco Orange. ;-)

Don’t forget to watch the season opener on ESPN Saturday night!

First Game of the Season – A Win!

The O2 Titans kicked off their football season with a win in Nampa against the Chicago Connection Cougars. The score was 22-6. The Titanic Titan Defense held the Cougar offense scoreless until the last drive of the game. Substitution penalties doomed the Titans as the coaches tried to get as many kids in on the field as possible during that drive, while the Cougars ran the no-huddle.

My son is number 24 on the outside corner, front and center in this picture. The unique Cougar Wedge offense can also be seen. The Titan offense scored three times on the strong running of Joey Banks.

Football Tidbits


Yesterday we learned what BSU’s new Nike Combat Uniforms will look like for the season opener against Georgia. All white with a touch of orange and the wrong color of blue. Overall, they don’t look bad and they will contrast nicely with the all-red Bulldogs uniforms. Really can’t wait for this season to start. Going to be fun. I’m calling for the BSU band to play the Imperial March when BSU comes onto the field for that game. How best to honor the Stormtroopers from Boise? (I’m well aware of the Empire-like dominance of the program when it comes to winning seasons.)


BSU is suing some High School for calling their new blue field, Blue Turf. Really? BSU should be happy to welcome any color of field to their ranks. Considering the amount of crap we have taken for the Smurf Turf, we should be happy to have copycats and wanna-be’s out there. The more the better for the cause. I think when the current player fashion show ends, we might see an era of colored fields at more colleges and High Schools. It’s good for football. Bye-the-way, the HS field is gorgeous.


My son’s first football game is tomorrow morning. The team looked real sharp in practice last night. We’re hoping to go better than just the two wins of last season. Today, he’s wearing his team jersey to school at the coach’s suggestion. Yeah, he’s in fifth grade, says the geek father whose son is a jock.


Football Jamboree 2011

My oldest’s youth football game was at Bronco Stadium this morning. They scored one TD and allowed two TD’s on defense. But to be fair, a fumble on the second TD was a lucky shot for the other team. The Titan defense was stiff. The game was exactly twelve minutes long. But hey, they can now say that they have played on the most iconic field in college football.

Here I am with the youngest, Spencer, above and my wife Laurie below.

All the families were sitting on the visitor’s side of the field, which is why the stadium looks empty.

Alert college football fans will note the MW or Mountain West logo on the field, signalling the Bronco’s first year in that conference. It was a fine time for one and all.

The black smudge is from my broken cell phone camera. Daddy needs a new phone. ;-)

BSU Hawaii Game

We finally got to a BSU game this year and we picked a great one. Lots of school records were broken or made and the weather was a fantastic 70 degrees. The Broncos really put on a great show and trounced the Hawaii Warriors 42-7. Here are some pictures I took with the Droid.


Introduction of the players (pre-fog mcahine).


Laurie and me in section 109.


Looking North towards the Boise River and the foothills. It was overcast at the start of the game and then the sun came out.

Video of the team coming on the field. BSU vs Hawaii

Football On The Blue

My son played his first short, 12 minute game on the brand new blue field at Bronco Stadium in Boise today. His team – the O2 Titans, scored first but lost 14-7 to the Kuna Black team. Here is a shot during the opening offensive drive. The Titan’s are in gray.

Titans running the ball to the outside.

Here’s the last play in the orange Broncos end zone. Another team was getting their pictures taken and turned to see the play.

Titans Score!

Titan defense taking the field, my son is on the far right. He had just taken his arms down from the Rocky pose. He was cracking us up with his enthusiasm.

Defense takes the blue field

His football league, Optimist Football does a Jamboree every pre-season letting the kids all get to play on the famous Smurf Turf. Many thanks to BSU for hosting this event each year!  Lots of future BSU football stars getting their first taste of the game and the stadium. The big boys play their final scrimmage on the field tonight. We got to see them signing autographs for all the boys. Again, real classy and passing on the love of the game.

Football Season Approaches

I’ve always been a fan of football, but I have never played the sport. Well, I did play flag football in Junior High School, didn’t everyone? This year is my oldest son’s first year of tackle football. We went shopping for his gear today and I was grateful for the help by the young man who worked at McU’s Sporting Goods in downtown Boise. He knew how to fit the pads and how the pants needed to be tight to keep the pads in place. Anyway, we finally walked out of there a hundred dollars lighter and ready to play football.

A quick hair cut on the way home and he was ready for the 90 degree heat forecast for his first practice.


On the Blue at BSU

My oldest got to register for football today at the BSU practice facility on campus. Then he and his brother got to go run through some football drills with BSU players. After about an hour of fun the kids got a speech from Coach Chris Petersen.  He told them to study hard in school and to clean their rooms!

In the morning baseball games, my oldest’s team won their first game, and my youngest got on base four times in his Rookie game. A great day for baseball in Boise.  Seventy degrees and sunny!