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Football On The Blue

My son played his first short, 12 minute game on the brand new blue field at Bronco Stadium in Boise today. His team – the O2 Titans, scored first but lost 14-7 to the Kuna Black team. Here is a shot during the opening offensive drive. The Titan’s are in gray.

Titans running the ball to the outside.

Here’s the last play in the orange Broncos end zone. Another team was getting their pictures taken and turned to see the play.

Titans Score!

Titan defense taking the field, my son is on the far right. He had just taken his arms down from the Rocky pose. He was cracking us up with his enthusiasm.

Defense takes the blue field

His football league, Optimist Football does a Jamboree every pre-season letting the kids all get to play on the famous Smurf Turf. Many thanks to BSU for hosting this event each year!  Lots of future BSU football stars getting their first taste of the game and the stadium. The big boys play their final scrimmage on the field tonight. We got to see them signing autographs for all the boys. Again, real classy and passing on the love of the game.

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