A Scene for a Plot Not Written

In the shower, on the drive to and from the day job and sometimes before sleep overtakes me, I have been thinking about the next mystery novel featuring Joshua Jones.  Yesterday, I came up with a scene that will include Detective Plait, Joshua and Tripp among others.  It will be similar to the scene in Null_Pointer where Tripp provides a simple clue based on his vast film knowledge.  The crux of the scene is a conversation about how wildly inaccurate TV shows like CSI actually are.  In the process of taking that show apart, they inadvertently discover a clue.  The scene should be interesting to write and hopefully interesting to read.  Exactly where in the book it will appear, if it even does make it in, I have no clue.  Ha!

I have recently realized that I can plot out one novel while proof reading another.  The act of creating a plot is much different than editing what has already been written.  So when I’m on the computer, I edit Tyrmia.  When I’m doing something else, less mentally taxing, I can let my imagination go on plotting.  My goal is to have Kill Dash Nine pretty much plotted before I start writing it in January.

I may not finish the outline that quickly, because for this book, the plotting will be more complex.  I have a feeling that outlines, charts and colored pens will come into play to keep me straight.  Whatever I wind up doing, I’ll talk about it here.  So stay tuned.

Latest Writing Progress

Currently , I’m doing a self-edit of Starstrikers in preparation for the Second Edition release next year.  When I finish that, I will hand it over to my editor and she will mark it up.  After all of those corrections are made, the words will be forwarded to the interior designer.  At this point, the book will be reformatted and changes made to the cover to reflect the Second Edition.  I will be releasing it through GB Press this time, instead of Createspace.  It will have it’s own ISBN and be available to order from any bookstore as well as internet vendors.

Meanwhile, I will be coming on the Second Draft of Tyrmia, my second SF book.  Tyrmia is due out next fall and will be my big release of 2010 from GB Press.  I’d like to finish the second draft of Tyrmia by January of next year.  This is when I plan to start writing my next Joshua Jones Mystery novel.  This second installment of the programmer sleuth will be called Kill Dash Nine and should be much grittier than N_P.

With all this on my plate, I will have no time to write short stories and will be doing a minimum of blogging.  My blogging goal is to write at least three posts a week both here and at the book sites of Starstrikers and Joshua Jones Mystery Novels.  One article per month or every other week over at Genre Bender is about all I will be able to manage until next year.

I guess I better get back to work.