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A Scene for a Plot Not Written

In the shower, on the drive to and from the day job and sometimes before sleep overtakes me, I have been thinking about the next mystery novel featuring Joshua Jones.  Yesterday, I came up with a scene that will include Detective Plait, Joshua and Tripp among others.  It will be similar to the scene in Null_Pointer where Tripp provides a simple clue based on his vast film knowledge.  The crux of the scene is a conversation about how wildly inaccurate TV shows like CSI actually are.  In the process of taking that show apart, they inadvertently discover a clue.  The scene should be interesting to write and hopefully interesting to read.  Exactly where in the book it will appear, if it even does make it in, I have no clue.  Ha!

I have recently realized that I can plot out one novel while proof reading another.  The act of creating a plot is much different than editing what has already been written.  So when I’m on the computer, I edit Tyrmia.  When I’m doing something else, less mentally taxing, I can let my imagination go on plotting.  My goal is to have Kill Dash Nine pretty much plotted before I start writing it in January.

I may not finish the outline that quickly, because for this book, the plotting will be more complex.  I have a feeling that outlines, charts and colored pens will come into play to keep me straight.  Whatever I wind up doing, I’ll talk about it here.  So stay tuned.

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