KIV-3 Model Build, Part 1

This model starts with the same model rocket kit that was used for the KIV-5 model. The Extreme 12 rocket from Estes. There are three parts needed from this kit: the nose cone, the adapter piece and a part from the engine mount.

The body of the fighter is a 5 inch length of 1" PVC tubing. This photo shows the main pieces lain out in the shape of the final model. The first area of my focus was the wings, fashioned from sheet styrene.  

The wings are built up with more strips of plastic and reinforced for strength. Pins are inserted for helping to align them onto the fuselage.  

Here are the wings with cutouts, bracing and pins. 

Below are the wings with guide wires and wingtip guns.  

The engine exhaust of the KIV-3 is the adapter piece, the black engine piece and a wheel from the Bell X-1 model.



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