Clarence Haugsted, RIP

My father always told me that his interests were a mix of his two favorite uncles, Bill and Clarence Haugsted. From Uncle Bill, he got interested in electronics and Ham Radio and from Clarence, he got his love of airplanes and flying.

It’s not hard to see where my interests have aligned with my dad’s interests. I remember well my uncle Clarence. He always seemed to have a great smile and an easy going attitude to go with his razor sharp mind. I vividly remember visiting his house in Ames and going down to his basement to see the biplane he was building. When I was a teenager, he actually finished the original biplane design and I got to sit in the cockpit and imagine flying it. It’s no wonder that I later learned to fly.

Clarence outlived everyone else in his immediate family. He just this year celebrated his century birthday. What an amazing feat for a man who lived through the greatest technological changes in human history. Radios, motor cars and airplanes were recent inventions when he was born. The Internet, computers and traveling by jet liners were all common when he died. Pretty amazing life and one that won’t likely see as much change in technology again.

Rest in peace Uncle Clarence, I will always remember you.

All Good Things Must End

Unfortunately, that also means vacations. We’ve had a great time here in Middle Tennessee with my wife’s family. We went boating and swimming at the river, shot air guns, went caving at Cumberland Cave and were treated to lots of traditional Southern Hospitality and Cooking. I really need to go on a diet now.

Tomorrow is a travel day, so we’ll be back in Boise late Tuesday. Back to work on Wednesday.

On Vacation

Things may be a little sparse around here for the next week and a half as I’m on vacation with the family in Tennessee. I’ll probably write a few posts here and there, but mostly I’ll be, you know, not doing anything. I do have internet access, thanks to upgrading my father-in-law’s Windows only wireless router to one that I can access with Linux. Now I can stay connected while I relax. Important in this day and age.

The new laptop made the journey just fine and now that I can get online with it, I’m looking forward to spending some time finishing Starveyors on it. I didn’t use it on the plane, preferring to use the Kindle instead, to read the latest novel from Tobias Buckell –  The Apocalypse Ocean. That really made the time fly. If you haven’t read his Xenowealth SF novels, you need too. Start with Crystal Rain.

I’ll leave you on the back porch, where I will be spending a great deal of time living among the trees while in the Volunteer State.

Arrow of Light

My oldest son passed from Cub Scout to Boy Scout this weekend when he earned his Arrow of Light award. Boys spend the final two years of Cub Scouts as Webelos Scouts, earning their Arrow of Light. I’m very proud that Jack stuck with the program until he was finished. Both my brother and I earned our Arrow of Light badge as kids, so it was neat to have a second generation kid in the family.

My youngest went from being a Bear Scout to a Webelos in the same awards ceremony.

Who’s a Webelos now? Spencer. The face painting is part of the ceremony.

Two boys from Boy Scout Troop 100 gave the new Scouts their neckerchiefs and tied friendship knots in them, after they crossed over the bridge to Boy Scouts. All in all, a great day for Pack 193.

Back in my day, we never got the cool arrows. Just a patch.

Pine Wood Derby Car Weekend

I didn’t do much on the book or my blog or even the internet this weekend. I spent a good bit of time hanging with my son, making Pine Wood Derby cars. His is going to be a Lego firetruck and mine is a WW2 Aircraft Carrier. I know, how cool are they?

We are by no means done yet. But we made decent headway. The wheels and axils are ground and smooth and our car bodies are shaped. I pushed the wheels in for weighing purposes and for this quick picture.

Almost the entire inside of the firetruck is hollowed out to make it lighter. Lego’s are freaking heavy! Meanwhile, my carrier will require a bunch of weight to get it to spec. The deck is made from bass wood and balsa wood.

More pictures as we get closer to finished.

Happy Birthday Spencer

My second born son is celebrating his ninth year on planet earth today. He’s in his room right now, wiring together several PC speakers into his smart phone so he can have a dance party in his room and control the volume of the surround sound. Yeah, he’s my little geek. He’s also a pretty good baseball player.

Happy Birthday Spencer Lee, you’re the best!

Spencer in Catcher Gear