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Arrow of Light

My oldest son passed from Cub Scout to Boy Scout this weekend when he earned his Arrow of Light award. Boys spend the final two years of Cub Scouts as Webelos Scouts, earning their Arrow of Light. I’m very proud that Jack stuck with the program until he was finished. Both my brother and I earned our Arrow of Light badge as kids, so it was neat to have a second generation kid in the family.

My youngest went from being a Bear Scout to a Webelos in the same awards ceremony.

Who’s a Webelos now? Spencer. The face painting is part of the ceremony.

Two boys from Boy Scout Troop 100 gave the new Scouts their neckerchiefs and tied friendship knots in them, after they crossed over the bridge to Boy Scouts. All in all, a great day for Pack 193.

Back in my day, we never got the cool arrows. Just a patch.

1 thought on “Arrow of Light”

  1. Loved the pics of my grandsons and son:):) Congrats to my grandsons for their achievements:)

    Love, Mom/Grandma Mary

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