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Writing Update

I suppose I should write a blog post this year before it becomes 2024.

I’ve been working on the middle novella of the Explorers Trilogy. These are the last books of the Starship Series. So far I’m a little over half finished with it. My goal is to finish it this year and start the third and final book early in 2024. I’ve been moving right along at about ten or more pages a week, when I get the time to write. I was stuck on this one for a while, not being able to find the time or the creativity to write it.

My writing time used to be during my lunch breaks and my thinking about story time was my commute to the office. But since I’m primarily working from home now, I no longer have a commute and I don’t really take lunch breaks like I used to. So I’ve had to rearrange when I think about writing and when I actually do the writing.

I’ve set weekly page goals for writing and forced myself to think about the story as often as I can and that seemed to move me past the meridian lulls. I’m looking forward to getting to the last novella because that will be the payoff for the main characters in the series. It will also hook directly into Starforgers, the beginning of the Star Saga. After that’s done, I can start focusing on the next book in the Starstrikers trilogy – XiniX.

Part of what stokes my creative juices is that I also build models of the main starships in this series for use on the book covers. So when the weather is cool, I’m out in the garage building models and thinking about my story. Getting to combine two of my hobbies on one project is useful and fun. Working on something with my hands free’s up my mind to wander about the story so when I’m back on the computer, I can write without any blockages.

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