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Quarentine Days

So what to do when you’re trapped at home and can’t get out to explore one of the prettiest states in the union? Sit at home and start wriitng another book, I guess. I took a few weeks to plot out the final trilogy of the Starship Series and decided to go ahead and write them this year. I should be able to finish three more novellas this year and then just start releasing them as they are edited and their covers are created.

The other manuscripts I have written, still require editing but frankly, I’m in the mindset needed to write Captain Vance stories, so might as well plow through the final trilogy. When I finish them, you will be right where the Star Saga starts at Starforgers. So that makes 14 or 15 possible ebooks to read before you get to where I’m at in that saga.

I’m keeping busy at least. Along with learning to play guitar, I’m in a good place now, despite the worst this year can fling at me, which now includes earth quakes, an incompentant President, and a deadly pandemic. Stay at home, and stay safe out there! And a big THANK YOU, to everyone working to keep us safe and fed during this crisis!

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