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Writing Progress Report

It took me two and half months to finish the final novella of the Destroyer Trilogy – Letting Go. My goal is to finish the draft by March. Now I’m cleaning up and editing all three Destroyer books. My brother has started working on covers for the trilogy. A busy time indeed. Hopefully, I’ll have all three novellas ready to publish this summer. Then I can go back and start cleaning up two novels I wrote in the last year or two, both of which I’ll use to try and find an agent.

I was going to try and write another novel, but I need to get these two I’ve already completed out the door. One of them will require some extensive editing before I can present it. So I’ll probably only write the one novella and then edit and publish the rest of the year. Next year I’ll start in on XiniX and return to the Star Saga. I’m looking forward to getting back to the Starstrikers team.

I’ve been working from home for two weeks now and I think we’re settling into the Social Distancing lifestyle needed to beat this COVID-19 virus. You can follow me on Twitter for pictures and thoughts in quarantine.

I’ve also been spending time learning to play the electric guitar. It’s fun and it’s not related to writing or work. 

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