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New Addition

The youngest in our family needed a car this fall and I was ready for a new ride, so I passed down my trusty Honda Civic to him and I got something different. Well, kinda. Yesterday we welcomed this 2015 Subaru WRX to the family car lot. Now the Subbies out number the Honda 3 to 1. ;-) Anyway, the kid gets a reliable car for school and I get a fun car to commute with and sometimes carve a canyon road with.

So asside from getting his father’s old car to drive around in, complete with a VHF Ham radio, he also upgraded his Ham license to General yesterday, so very proud of the youngest. As for my new ride, I’m happy to be driving a performance car for the first time and looking forward to hearing the boxer engine rumble while rowing through the gears to work and back.

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