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Random posts are random.

The latest paper books I’ve acquired are The Eternal Zero from a Japanese writer and Entropic Angel from Gareth Powell a UK writer. The Japanese book is about a Zero fighter pilot from WWII and Gareth’s book contains many of his SF short stories. Looking forward to reading both. I’ve seen the movie based on The Eternal Zero and is was fantastic.

On the modeling front, I’ve finally started tinkering with my 1/32 scale Revell FW190 kit. The below picture shows my first attempt at scratch building a canon cover on the wing.

The other model on my bench is the Spearon from the Star Saga novels. It’s up on a the C-stand with a hollow brass tube for a mount. I’m considering running the power to the lights inside through the tube to an external battery. This is how I’ll light all future cover models built for those books.

This is Endora, our Black Lab. She’s napping.

Last weekend our CAP Squadron helped out with a foot race down by the Boise River. The river was high and fast as this early morning shot shows.

Say, how’s that Corvette book doing since it was released? Glad you asked. It’s doing quite well, as you can see from the sales chart below. Caution though, this shows all my ebook sales, not just Corvette, but you can assume that 95% of this was Corvette. It’s riding about second or third page on three best seller lists. Not too shabby. Thanks to everyone still taking a chance on the little warship.

That’s all the random stuff I can find for this week. It’s raining this weekend in Idaho, so I’ll be spending more time inside.

And now for something completely different:  VIDEO

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