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Workflow Update



Recently I posted about my writing workflow. In that post I exported my first draft from Plume Creator to OpenOffice for editing. The problem with using Write or Word to edit is that you wind up with multiple version files and comments or changes can be lost or not backed up. So for my current WIP (Counterattack), I’m going to use Google Docs. I’ll export from Plume Creator as usual and then upload it to GDocs and label it Draft Two. Do all my editing in GDocs and then when done, let my Beta Readers read directly from the document and add their comments to it all at once. Then I’ll stop sharing it and either take or reject their comments and clean up the document again. Rename it Draft 3 and then invite my editor to edit the document. When he’s done, I’ll make his changes and then clean it up again. This will continue until the Copy Editor is finished. When the document is all done, I’ll use Jutoh to create the ebook and break out the chapters to RTF to send to my Graphics Designer for the paperback layout.

At this point in time I only have a few chapters left to write on Counterattack. Then I need to self-edit Draft Two so that it’s readable by the Betas. I’d like to be to the Beta Reader stage by December. Somewhere in there I’ll be starting to write Devon’s Blade with an eye to getting that one out next year too. We’ll see if this new change to GDocs speeds up the post production flow for a novel and if it works for Counterattack, I’ll probably make it my default workflow.

1 thought on “Workflow Update”

  1. This seems to be a good way to take advantage of the collaborative element possible in Google Docs. The one issue I see, and that I am curious to see how it works out, is that each Beta’s comments being in there for every other Beta to read. On the one hand, it will perhaps cut down on repetition from multiple Betas. On the other hand, it can be hard for you, as the author, to identify those points that many readers agree on, versus those points that maybe one reader objects to. For example, you won’t know if 20 people object to Devon wearing her gun low or if it’s just one and all the rest are OK with it.

    I look forward to seeing how this works out.

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