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My InkShares Novel Project Now Live!


So I went ahead and did an InkShares project for my novel, The Blood Empress. If it funds, InkShares will take the book on like a traditional publisher and it will get edited and published by their team. If it does not fund it goes back to me and I’ll probably put it out myself. So with nothing to lose and a bit of time savings to gain, I went ahead and started a project. It’s now live and you can go to the web page and pledge whatever you feel is appropriate. It has 47  days to be funded before it gets dropped.

The Blood Empress

You can read about what inspired this novel and what it’s about on the funding page. The Funding window will close on October 27, 2014, right before Halloween.

If you’ve read my work in the past, please consider pledging for this new novel. It’s already written, so if this is funded it will go to press much faster than if I had to write it first. The Blood Empress is about Empress Nykostra from the Star Saga series. It takes place chronologically between Books 2 and 3. The book stands alone as its own story, so it would be a great introduction to the Star Saga universe for anyone interested in reading Space Opera.

Here’s the premise:

The Blood Empress is a space opera novel about a galactic empress coming of age in a war torn galaxy. The twist of this story is that Empress Nykostra is actually the villain of the Star Saga universe. I was intrigued by the possibility of writing a compelling protagonist who is in fact, not on the Good Guy’s side of a galactic war.

You can read chapter one of the novel to get a feel for the story and my writing style. If you decide to back my book, please spread the word to your friends. The more people I can make contact with the easier it will to get funded and the quicker this book will be in your e-readers.



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