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Messing With Themes

Might notice some craziness in the next few days around here. I’m investigating some new themes. Sorry for the eye-ugly, things will be back to normal soon.

3 thoughts on “Messing With Themes”

  1. Elitebook 8460P. I think it’s a 13″ or 14″ screen. ‘Course, I’m using Firefox as well…..

    Thing is, I get it even at work on the big monitor. I also do not run my browser full screen, but I’ve also not changed the browser window size since your previous theme either.

  2. You need a bigger screen. ;-) I don’t notice this on my laptop or any of my HUGE work monitors. Seriously, I can’t get it into a condition where it has to scroll left and right. What are you looking at the page on? A phone or tablet?

  3. Love the military theme (looks that way to me, almost stencil-like), it goes well with your series.
    I’ve noticed, though, that it forces me to scroll right to read everything rather than wrapping around like it did before. Just sayin’.

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