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Back From Vacation

My family spent most of last week up at Seven Devils Lodge near Council, Idaho. We had a blast! All of us got trained up on horse riding and by our third day, were helping move cattle on the ranch. We also took in the local sights like Hell’s Canyon and Bear Creek Falls. All the while being treated to delicious ranch style meals and doing fun activities that included shooting arrows, shooting skeet and playing horse shoes. If you like that sort of thing, I can’t recommend Seven Devils Lodge enough. Go, and have fun with your family and theirs.

Many thanks DR, Teddi, Kelly-Anne and Dustin!

3 thoughts on “Back From Vacation”

  1. I grew up on the OX Ranch. My dad still works there. My sister got married in the Seven Devil’s Lodge yard, and we swam horses in those ponds as kids. It’s a magical, beautiful place. So glad you and your family enjoyed it.

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