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Newsletter Benefits

Those of you who regularly come to this blog are probably already aware that I have a monthly newsletter called Dispatches. I’ve been mentioning it more regularly in my social media these days. There is a reason for this. I’m trying to grow my audience for the newsletter. Why, you ask? Because if a reader subscribes to the newsletter they are by definition a bit of a fan of my writing. Either they have read a short story or perhaps a few of my novels and they want to stay current with what I’m doing creatively. So they give me their email address and I drop a monthly package in their inbox to inform them of what I’m up to.

Most authors and creative types do this sort of thing for two reasons. First, to establish a core audience for their work and second, to establish communication with that audience. To make this monthly email meaningful to both myself and my audience I like to give them free stuff that they can’t get anywhere else. So when you join Dispatches, I send you cool stuff and in return, you get to enjoy insider things about me and my work.

This month subscribers to Dispatches are getting a sneak peek at the first chapter of the novel I’m currently reading. But not just a boring cut and past of the chapter, I actually took the time to add author comments to explain what I was thinking and how I decided to write what they were reading. I also included a scene that was cut out of the chapter and explained a bit about why it was taken out.

Next month, subscribers will get exclusive access to the second book in the Star Saga, The Rising. This book won’t be for sale to the general public until some time next year. So if you loved Starforgers and can’t wait to read the next installment, better sign up for the newsletter. Otherwise you won’t be able to satisfy your curiosity for another six months.

In the past I’ve mailed a few select subscribers a paperback of Starforgers. How cool was that?  Free paperback in the mail, just for reading my newsletter. It could happen again. So if you’re not already a subscriber consider joining us and start getting an insider look into my creative process. Who knows what I might do for my subscribers in the future?

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