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Site Maintenance


I’ve been cleaning up the front page of this site. Adding and subtracting things as needed. I don’t feel like changing my theme to the current trendy bare minimum look, but I have streamlined what I’m using. I added some new progress bars for my other projects, namely the current film we are making and the current model I’m building. The front page is now shorter and requires less scrolling to see the important things.

I added a new menu page for our movies, so you can go there for the latest posts on them and to see the finished products. I need to do some more work on the menus and consolidate a bit more. All the book covers need revamping, but I may push that off until next year when everything is done for the first trilogy of the Star Saga.

I added a Filmmaker slide to the slider and at the suggestion of Bill Blohm, included links to the blog posts with that category to all the slides. I’m very frustrated that I can’t order the slides, but it’s not an option in the widget I’m using.


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