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Novel Views

This is my novel The Rising now in edits. I’ve shrunken it to fit as many pages in view as possible. What you see colored is the first three chapters. Green are scenes with Silicants, my sentient androids, Blue are scenes with my hero and red are scenes with Bad Guys.

The reason I did this little experiment is to try and get a feel for story flow from a character perspective. I might do the whole novel this way, I might not. I really need to buckle down and start my edits. But sometimes taking a 30,000 foot view like this helps you see the story in new ways.



Comments are the Hook (page 1) and the Inciting Incident (page 5).


1 thought on “Novel Views”

  1. Nice idea and a neat way of getting that helicopter view, Ken. Should be useful in seeing if a story is unbalanced, I think.

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