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Moto X Thoughts

When the kids bricked my Galaxy Nexus phone last week, I had already pulled the trigger on upgrading my phone. So my down time was less than a week. I went online and custom ordered a Moto X. That was Saturday night and it arrived on Thursday. Pretty fast for a custom product and during a holiday week!

Had my phone not been destroyed, I might still be using my GalNex. I loved that phone. The reason I decided to upgrade was two fold, screen ghosting and price of a new phone. The price of the on-contract Moto X was just too good to pass up. The old phone was beginning to get slow and was at the end of life from Verizon. My plan was to get a new phone and then put Ubuntu on the old one. You can’t load Ubuntu onto a brick, no matter how awesome it is.

Back to the Moto X. Man, what a phone! The battery life on this bad boy is about a day and a half with normal use. That was unheard of on the old phone. I needed two chargers, one for work and one for home with the old phone. Now I only have one and I leave it at home. Amazing. And liberating. The level of integration with Google software services is also amazing. I’m not even scratching the surface of what is possible.

One bad thing is that the Bluetooth will not talk to my car. Bummer. But with hands off speaking to the phone, I can almost get by with that and the AUX in line to the car stereo. Still, no talky on my car is a serious issue. I can’t afford a new car every time I get a new phone. Seriously!

The Moto X is smaller in my hand than the old phone and I’m still getting used to that, but I do not miss the larger screen. I have a tablet for that. The Moto X fits nicely in my pocket without making me self conscious of it. Is that a phone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Yeah.

One final observation. The case I purchased with the phone is not really needed. It has a clear plastic back on it and that back is smooth so when you set your phone down, it goes careening off the table. Uncool. I’m ditching it and not recommending anyone bother with a case like that.

I’ll have more thoughts later, as I get more comfortable using the phone.


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