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The Blood Empress +20K Words

I passed a significant milestone on my current WIP today. I went over twenty thousand words on the first draft. While this is not a NaNoWriMo novel, I should have 50K words and a finished novella some time in December. Then it’s back to work editing my last novel so that I can get it released early next year.  It seems like this book is moving much faster than any other I’ve written. Not sure why that is. Perhaps the story is simpler and there are less moving pieces.



3 thoughts on “The Blood Empress +20K Words”

  1. It could also be going “faster” because you’re enjoying the break from the trilogy. When you work on your trilogy, you have to juggle not only the WIP but also all the links between the three books. Writing a short or novella, while you do have a little of that if it’s related to the trilogies (which The Blood Empress is), even so you get to focus on just that story without the overriding pressure of keeping it in line with the other books. I think that helps free up a lot of the pressure, and so makes the work go smoother, faster, and funner. (I don’t care, I’m saying ‘funner’.)

  2. Thanks Grant. I try to write during my lunch breaks Mon-Fri and rarely touch it during the evenings or on weekends. So there is room for squeezing in more writing in just about anyone’s schedule.

  3. Great work, Ken. Nice to hear you are moving forward. You are an inspiration. I am going to force myself to put aside computer challenges and get on with my book.

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