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End of Week Three on The Blood Empress Novella


Made it to 15K words or about 30% of a 50K novella this week, despite only writing about three days. This book continued to amaze me with how fast its coming out and how fun it is to write. It’s a shame to have to stop some times and come back to work. Looking at this screenshot, I see that I have not been using the Mise en scene at all. Sometimes I write too fast to bother.  But I usually come back and fill it out. The Synopsis gets filled in when I outline, so each numbered scene in the Project tree has a synopsis filled out before I start writing. I may change up scenes but at least I have a starting point. I rarely get stuck in the first draft anymore.

I’ve been thinking about the cover art for this one and nothing has really stuck for me yet. I might have to have someone create some art for it to get what I want. But the trouble is, I don’t have a great idea yet. Just lots of nearly great ideas.

That’s Plume Creator Beta 65.5 in the screenshot. Still working like a charm and looking good doing it. I was using Clementine music streaming to write by today because my phone was low on battery and I forgot my charger.



1 thought on “End of Week Three on The Blood Empress Novella”

  1. Looking good Ken, Do you fill in the work count for each chapter in the panel on the left or is that a new feature with the beta version?

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