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Weekend Update 13 Oct 2013


I actually wrote some scenes in The Blood Empress this week, much to my own surprise. Mostly I’ve been working on the dark theme for the novel writing software I use, Plume Creator. The latest release of Plume now features my dark theme, named Space Opera, of course. Get your copy of Plume Creator here.


Wood Floors

We finally got our new wood floors this week but the disruption to our lives continues as we hurriedly try and get the house back to normal in time for a visit from my inlaws next weekend. Here is a peek at the new floors.

No time for the internet today, more work to do in meat space. Hopefully I can get a new post out this coming week about the new novella and how it’s going.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update 13 Oct 2013”

  1. Hi Grant, thanks for using Plume Creator! I believe that white stripe issue is solved in the very latest version of Plume. The 0.65.2 release seems to have fixed it. The theme is not completely perfect yet, so please bear with us as we tweak it. The occasional bits of orange are slowly being weeded out too. Keep the suggestions coming, we try and respond to issues as fast as we can.

  2. Hey Ken, Just wanted to say I like your new dark theme. I have changed my settings now but the only negative comment I have is that the total no of pages in the bottom right of the screen is shown against a white striped box, which makes it hard to read. Can that be fixed?

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