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Weekend Update 25 AUG 2013

Not much to report with the WIP. I really didn’t get to write much on it this week. Maybe a thousand words total. Usually, that’s a day’s worth. I really need to make a push to get back on that horse again and start plowing through the last half of the first draft.


We had a serious down pouring of rain this Thursday in our neighborhood. Our house was spared but over 30 trees were downed and many roofs and fences broke in addition to record amounts of rain. Fires continue to burn in Idaho and our air quality has been poor this weekend. We finally finished mowing the yard, the kids and I. But mostly we stayed inside this weekend to avoid the smoke filled air. Below is a picture of our living room windows showing the yellowish daylight outside.


The Optimist Football season started this weekend. My son’s team finally got all their players back and the result was not so good for the team they played. Our coaches had a plan for defending against the wedge and it was superbly executed by the boys. So now we have a really good offense to match our great defense. Should be a fun season for the team. Below is my son’s big play of the game a backfield tackle for a loss. Coaches said he helped contain them the whole game. Good deal. The other corner on the team did great too, including snagging a pass for an interception. Of course the offense had a fantastic day, with three passing touchdowns and one on the ground. Look out world, here come the Titans!


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