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Weekend Update 28 July 2013


I actually opened the garage door and worked on the KIV-5 model this weekend. Granted, I only glued a few pieces of detail to the inside of the fuselage before calling it too hot to work. But hey, progress right?


The WIP, aka The Rising, Book 2 of the Star Saga, surpassed 48K words this week, despite only getting to write on it about three days. Perhaps I can find some time this afternoon to pick up the word count a bit.

Family Outing

Saturday night we strapped our bikes to the Subaru and headed down town to ride the Green Belt. This is truly one of Boise’s greatest treasures. A bike and walking path that follows the Boise river from one end of the Treasure Valley to the other. We did about half of it, from the Nat to just past Capital Blvd. We had a delicious gyro at Hazzah’s on Park Avenue before the ride.


We saw the new football offices on the BSU campus (aka  Bleymaier Football Complex) and then we went back across the Friendship bridge and continued up the Green Belt where we stopped and watched the Boise Zoo giraffes.


It was a great family bike ride.

Book Signing

Earlier in the week I attended a book signing by Craig Johnson of Longmire fame over at Rediscovered Bookshop. He’s a very entertaining speaker and he filled up the entire store with fans. Craig rides his motorcycle around the north western states for his own book tours every year. I like his style.


All in all a great week. Just a reminder before I sign off, you can follow my writing progress on the main page of the web site. I’ve been very good about updating word count for that widget, so you can see how much I do every day or more like in my case, every few days.

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