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Heavenly Creature Film

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No, not the Peter Jackson film – Heavenly Creatures. Although that’s good too. I’m talking the middle story of a trilogy of shorts in a single film. The film is from South Korea and is called Doomsday Book. It offers three takes on the possible end of humanity. I’ve never watched the book end stories but the middle one is awesome. It’s the closest thing to what I’m writing in my Star Saga.

It’s called Heavenly Creature and its about an android who achieves consciousness in a Buddhist monastery. If you enjoy films and novels about androids, you must see this middle story. It’s filmed richly and it has to be read as it’s subtitled. But you will be rewarded with an intelligent take on robots. The robot is a product of a company called UR. This makes me think of the first use of the word robot in the RUR play. Also, there is a computer monitor in the background of one scene with puffy white clouds on a blue sky background. Reminded my of Scalzi’s book – The Android’s Dream.

Take a moment to read the biblical reference at the beginning too. Well done, Kim Ji-woon. You can find this film on Netflix under Foreign Sci-Fi.

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