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Show Me Your Books

It’s a rather well known phenomena that if someone see’s you with a product, they’ll want one too. Just ask Apple about white ear buds. In the spirit of this concept, send me a photo of you with one or more of my books. Since I can count the number of people I know who actually have a physical copy of any of my three SF novels now in print, I’m extending this offer to those of you who have purchased a book of mine on your ereader or tablet device.


All you need to do is make sure we can see some part of your face, preferably your smiling face, and the cover of one of my books, ebook or paper. I’ll post your picture to this blog and you will be forever known as a person of questionable taste. ;-)

If you can beat the number of physical books written by me in my example photo above, I’ll send you an autographed copy of my next paperback free of charge. This of course means you must have a copy of either one of my anthologies or one of my ebooks not available in print. It also means you might have to have more than one ebook reading device to use in the photo.

First up is Sharon Ross, Urban Fantasy author and a great friend of mine. She has a first edition of my Mystery novel, Null_Pointer. Thanks Sharon, look’n good!


Another crazy Null_Pointer fan – Chad Nelson. (Borrowed from the book’s page here on the website.)


Here’s Greg Creager with several ebooks on his reader. Nice shot.


Here’s Chance Davies with his two Star Saga novels in hand. Thanks Chance!

Book Photo

Caught this man stopping by the cube at work. He’s by BIGGEST fan! He’s read all my canon. Everything. Big thanks to Chris Morgan. If that name sounds familiar to you, I used his name for Captain Morgan Blud the pirate from Starforgers. ;-)




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