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Streaming Movies

I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that Amazon Prime is a better deal than any other service for my need for streaming movies. I have a Netflix account, but it’s only good for TV shows. Every time I need to find a decent film that’s not from this century I am disappointed by Netflix.

With Amazon Prime I can either rent the movie or purchase it. The biggest reason I would purchase it would be to study the film’s screenplay structure. As a fiction writer, watching movies for plot purposes is a highly valuable part of my education. Many films and TV shows help me understand various topics I may want to write about or inform me about what has gone before so I don’t repeat it.

These days digital lifestyles demand streaming media and at least for me, Amazon Prime is a better fit for movies. I usually watch them on my Dell XPS running Ubuntu. Sometimes I use the X-box that’s already hooked up. Funny, I never play games on our X-box. That’s for the kids.

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